Mission: To empower youth in Ghana to express themselves and beautify their community through art.

Vision: To transform and revitalize urban areas of Ghana into artistic and cultural destinations that uplift and instill pride in their community by meaningfully engaging the youth.

Description: Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA) was founded by a collective of artists in Nima, Accra who were inspired to create artistic opportunities for the youth of their community that they did not have growing up. Through workshops and public painting programs, NMA empowers youth in Ghana to express themselves and beautify their community. NMA stimulates creative education, advances economic opportunities, and promotes entrepreneurship and urban development. Launched in July of 2011 and maintained through sheer creative energy, NMA gives underground and aspiring young creatives an active role in revitalizing developing urban areas of Ghana [starting with Nima].

-Promote urban development and entrepreneurship
-Create ties between the community and its young creators
-Equalize the gender gap in the arts
-Establish a network and forum for aspiring and underground artists
-Build a positive image of Ghana worldwide [starting with Nima]

Partners: Foundation for Contemporary Art Ghana, Accra[dot]Alt, Skillions Records, Boogie Down Nima Productions, Capture Photography, Photography by Ofoe Amegavie, Rich Hackman Multimedia, Quarets Photography, Dimensions Media, Xpressions

Sponsors: Acrilex, Pidgin Music, Orel Ghana, Unique Xpressions, Empire Entertainment, Indomie Ghana,

Media: Joy FM, YFM, X-fm, GTV, MultiTV, eTV, TV3, MetorTV, Be Bold Show, Dust Accra, Agoo Magazine, urban africa, African Urbanism, Deutsche Welle, Ameyaw Debrah, spyghana, omgghana, Mmofra Foundation, Africa Is Done Suffering

441 Welfare Center mural painting and exhibition – Nima, Accra – July 2011
GMGE Haverford College music recording – Philadelphia, USA – March 2012
Accra[dot]Alt Chale Wote street painting and workshop – Jamestown, Accra – April 2012 NMA 2012 – Kawukudi / Alliance Française Art Festival, Accra – July 2012
Sallahfest Painting for Peace – Village Garden Toilet, Nima, Accra – August 2012
Educating Hearts & Minds Mural / Storytelling – Nima Cluster of Schools – November 2012 Chapter O New Year’s Celebration – Nima, Accra – January 2013
Rockefeller Foundation’s Informal City Dialogues – Ministries, Accra – March 2013
Imagine Accra Independence Mural Painting – Club 10, Kanda, Accra – March 2013

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